Learning Support and Student Services

What BCE Students receive

  • Free breakfast at breakfast club
  • 16-18 Oyster Card
  • NUS Extra Card for student discounts
  • A fully staffed student services hub

You may also be eligible for a 16-18 bursary fund, childcare support and free school meals.

Our careers and progression officer is here to support you with all aspects of employment or University. Our student hub offers a range of services relating to employment, training and CV support.

Work Experience

Work experience is built into all full-time programmes across BCE.

Learning Support

Learning support is available for all learners with educational, social or communication difficulties and young people with disabilities. If you have previously received support at school / college, please notify us during your initial interview. This can vary from extra time in exams to 1:1 support in class.


As part of holistic education offer, wellbeing is central to what we do. We work with young people to develop their characters by covering topics such as resilience, gratitude and responsibility. The facilitating of real skills such as meditation and mindfulness support our mission in giving our young people values of integrity, self-worth and an ability to play a positive role. Bespoke sessions are delivered to students, suitable to their age and course level, and include all aspects of health, emotions, wellbeing, finances, politics and careers.


BCE offers a safe and confidential counselling service accessible to all learners who wish to talk to us about any worries, concerns or fears relating to their personal or academic lives.

Welfare and Guidance

Our confidential welfare and guidance service is to support learners when liaising with other professionals, providing support with emergency finances and making any referrals to external organisations such as counselling or social services. We’re very proud that our students with a disability or additional learning support needs achieve at the same level as their peers at BCE.

Contact Us

For more information or to speak to a member of our team please contact us:

Big Creative Training Student Services
Tel: 020 3873 5800
Email: bctstudentservices@bigcreative.education

Big Creative Academy Student Services
Tel: 07555 316888
Email: student.services@bigcreative.education